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Community program training the youth of Arizona

The labor shortage is getting worse as demand is getting stronger,” said John Courson, chief executive of the Home Builders Institute. Sep 6, 2016

Here at Everything Residential we have been training many high school and college students the trades. We encourage a college degree, but we think that a college degree should be focused and able to pay for a family. Not create debt and a search for a job. Most of the time, a student goes from high school to college not knowing what their skill set is or what they even want to do. In this program they practice all trades including office and administrative. Most find their skill set and then apply classes to perfect their trade. With this formula, they start a career that pays well and have accumulated no debt. At this time in life is when a specific degree will boost their career immensely.



Meet the Team

This is part of our outstanding team that provides excellent customer service with the best quality of work the valley has to offer.


Randy Carpenter

Owner/Office manager

Randy works directly with the crews to assure quality control. He also schedules the crews, estimates, invoices, and payments. The buck stops here! 🙂


Christian Carpenter

Owner/crew manager

Christian is the crew manager/leader and owner who manages the job site and teachs the trainees vital skilled trades. You will find Christian at most job sites getting the job done and making sure the customer is happy and getting what they payed for.

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Aidan Gregor

Crew Member in training

Aiden is a trainee working his way up the ropes learning multiple skills so he can become a crew leader.

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