About Us


Our Vision

Everything Residential will be a house hold name across the east valley because of its quality work, great customer service, with Handyman  prices.  People  choose us because we believe in helping our youth find a way to pursue their dreams or provide for there family in todays expensive world. College is always an option but we provide a skilled trade that will last a life time.

Our Story

In 2009 the housing market crashed causing a huge vacuum of wealthy investors to start buying all the homes in the east valley and flipping them. Randy's son Christian was on Mesa Highs football teams and  took advantage of his reliable hardworking friends/teammates to help with the house flips. Randy(co-owner) who has an electrical degree taught mostly everything about home repairs to the hungry teammates. These skills ranged from plumbing,  landscape, painting, drywall, all the way to electrical. That is where Everything Residential was born.

Meet the Team

This is part of our outstanding team that provides excellent customer service with the best quality of work the valley has to offer. Randy(owner) is our Office manager scheduling all the calls. Christian(owner) is the crew manager making sure the job is getting done correctly and efficiently. Aidan is a crew member in training.


Randy Carpenter

Owner/Office manager

Randy works directly with the customer to schedule the crews, estimates, invoice, and payments. You will sometimes find Randy in the field making sure everything is running smoothly.


Christian Carpenter

Owner/crew manager

Christian is the crew manager/leader and owner who manages the job site and teachs the trainees vital skilled trades. You will find Christian at most job sites getting the job done and making sure the customer is happy and getting what they payed for.

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Aidan Gregor

Crew Member in training

Aiden is a trainee working his way up the ropes learning multiple skills so he can become a crew leader

Next Steps...

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